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The health care industry, organizations and governments generate copious amounts of data from electronic medical records, billing and clincial systems. While this presents a valuable opportunity to provide better patient care, the industry is grappling with how data can be integrated into patient care, strategic planning, risk assessment, policy decisions, and resource allocation. The big data revolution is here and is challenging the way we look at health care as an integrated platform for improving care delivery to achieving operational excellence.

About Us

InsightRx offers first in-class analytics consulting allowing health care organizations to unlock the power of their data. We have extensive expertise in data science and healthcare with a breadth of knowledge and a proven history of delivering excellence. Let us show you how me can make a difference.


InsightRx employs big data solutions, machine learning and analytics to give health care organizations the ability to optimize every aspect of health care delivery by unlocking the true potential of their data. We make the data work for you to give you in-depth insight into your organization allowing for smarter more strategic business decisions.

How We Do It

InsightRx uses billing data and information from clinical systems to drill down into the data to identify trends and patterns that can be used to predict future outcomes to better address patient needs and identify areas of operational gaps and revenue losses.

InsightRx offers premium in depth reporting, identifying income streams, patient demographics, revenue sources, and more. These reports and data analsyses are unique to the health care business marketplace. InsightRx has proprietary algorithms that identifies new opportunities for your business which will increase profitability and reduce organizational risk.

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